Random Moment: Good old friends


Today, I come to celebrate the wedding of one of my childhood friends. Before, I feel very lazy. However, this guy is one of my best friends, and I could not deny his invitation.

At the party, I met many old friends. We have known each other for about 20 years. They remind me of a lot of great memories. They also remind me of many other friends we know in the past. It is happy to talk with these guys.

I just remembered the great reminiscences with the groom. We used to ride our bicycles for 1-2 hours after school. We did a lot of stupid things together. When I was sick, I had to stay at the hospital for two weeks. Only this guy visit me at the hospital. In my life, sometimes I forget these things (too many rice shirts, rice money).

I found out that we are hard to have good friends when we grow up. However, we used to forget our childhood friends. I do not know what happiness is. But I know that the moments I shared with my old friends at that wedding are true happiness. So, you should not deny a chance to reunite with your old friends if you have a memorable childhood.

It also remind me one good song of The Beatles: In My Life