Some thoughts on writing


As a software engineer, I found that writing is an important skill. Besides coding, writing helps us to:

I am not a good writer. But I want to share the tips I used when writing this blog.

Write it short but follow the main points

Before I write anything, I plan it. For example, I defined the purpose of this post as below:

I do not hesitate to delete the words, the sentences if they do not follow the plan. I believe that concise writing is good writing.

Write for you at first

Please do not write a blog post if you think you have to do it. You write something because you want to do it: Express your thinking into words Craft a technical design for a feature Reinforce the new concepts you learn

Write it down carefully but not perfectly

When sharing things, we have to do it seriously. No one wants to share wrong things. However, you do not have to be correct all the time. Keep editing your old writing and make it a better version. Trying to write the best at first will kill your joy.

There are more things to share. I will come back to this topic in the future.